James Hollenkamp
Boot Camp + Personal Training

James discovered his love of fitness after leaving the business world some eight years ago. He became passionate about circuit training and immediately felt at home as a boot camp instructor and personal trainer. 

In the past few years, he has added indoor cycling and yoga to the mix — and learned that the balance between these varied workouts is essential to good health. 

James has earned certification in Functional Movement Systems, NASM personal training, and NASM Weight Loss, equipping him with the tools to find the very best approach for each and every client.

“I know exactly what it feels like to be behind a desk all day. My goal is to make my clients feel energized, stronger, and pain free — all while having fun at Crisp!”

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Debbie Duryee

Debbie has always been drawn to physical fitness, but her workout routine didn't address an underlying anxiety. That's where yoga came in. Discovering yoga some 20 years ago completely transformed her life, bringing her the inner peace she'd been seeking for so long. She wanted to share this discovery with others, and left a career in the financial industry to study and teach yoga.

Debbie completed her first 200-hour teacher training course based on Ashtanga Yoga in 2003. She later studied with David Swenson, and then in 2011 went on to complete her second 200-hour teacher training in Vinyasa Yoga with Jacqui Bonwell. A few years ago she completed training in Creative Kids Yoga at Kripalu. And in 2016, she immersed herself in an intense 500-hour training session with Jacqui Bonwell.

Debbie's goal is to help her students not only become stronger and healthier physically, but to gain the inner peace, confidence and happiness they deserve.


Faye Maier
Boot Camp + Personal Training

Faye has been a personal trainer for the past five years. After having children, she began working out to get back into shape. She discovered a love of fitness — and triathlons! She continues to compete to this day.

Faye enjoys challenging herself to be active in a variety of ways. Whether trail running, playing soccer, swimming, triathlon training, or lifting weights, she loves to move and feel strong.

She's passionate about sharing this love of health and fitness with her two daughters and her clients. She hopes she can encourage all women to believe in their strength and learn to revere their bodies for giving them the capability to do the things they love.


Erin Perry
Cycling +  Personal Training

Erin has been a leader in the Portland fitness scene for over a decade, instructing cardio kickboxing classes, yoga classes, boot camp classes, and extensive personal training. Although she loves all sides of fitness, her true passion is cycling. When instructing on the bike, her excitement and enthusiasm are at their peak! 

Erin has competed in numerous triathlons in the last four years, including three half Ironman events and various sprints and Olympic distances. She’s also completed the MDI full marathon, and multiple half marathons throughout New England. 

Erin recently welcomed her second son. When she's not teaching or training, you can find her outdoors with her family fishing, hiking, biking or paddling. Erin is also passionate about farming and bringing fresh, local foods into the kitchen. She believes that health and fitness are part of everyday life, and strives to help her students and clients find balance between work, home life, health, and fun!